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About the Editors

Joshua Buckley was born in 1974 in Sharon, Connecticut.  He has been an occasional contributor to several heathen and music-related periodicals, including Vor Tru.  Currently he lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia.  At the moment, areas of interest include Iyengar yoga, the use of psychotropic drugs in the context of European tradition, and English, Irish, and Scandinavian folk music. Email: <ultrdisc@aol.com>

Collin Cleary is an independent scholar living in Sandpoint, Idaho.  He is a Fellow in the Rune-Gild and a contributor to Runa. His long term project is to effect a synthesis of all Indo-European mythological systems in the form of an epic poem, and to codify the fundamental aspects of the Indo-European Weltanschauung in a series of philosophical essays.  Email: (c/o Joshua Buckley) <ultrdisc@aol.com>

Michael Moynihan was born in 1969 in New England.  He is a musician, author, artist, and publisher.  He has recorded and performed music in the U.S., Europe, and Japan.  The latest release of his and Annabel Lee's music project Blood Axis is Absinthe: La Folie Verte, a collaboration with the French group Les Joyaux de la Princesse.  His book Lords of Chaos (in collaboration with Didrik Soderlind; published by Feral House) was recently translated into German.  He has contributed to the anthology Apocalypse Culture II (Feral House) and recently edited Introduction to Magic and Men among the Ruins by Julius Evola, (both published by Inner Traditions), as well as volume of K.M. Wiligut's writings entitled The Secret King (translated by S.E. Flowers).  He is the North American editor of Runa, published by Ian Read in London.  Email: <dominion@pshift.com>


Last Updated: 05 Nov 2002